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So Heather Morris decided to surprise us with yet another pregnancy due in 2016. With over 7 billion people we can’t just have enough celebrity babies. But what else is she bringing to the celebrity buzz? Intriguing photos Oodles and oodles of lustful photos Yes she was among the celebrities who were caught up with the iCloud hack. Doesn’t she look alike Kesha kinda similar ass to be hones compare them and see for your self lots resemblance.

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Born Elizabeth Heather Morris in 1st February 1987, is an American actress, singer model and dancer. She first made her debut in 2006 on “So You Think You can Dance” but failed to make it to the final 20. But her big break came in 2007 when she became one of Beyonce’s back up dancers on her world tours. She is married to Taylor Hubbel and they are expecting their second child. Back in 2009, she did some semi lustful professional pictures and she liked them in spite of them being criticized. So this was just a rehearsal for the icloud hack but hey we are not complaining.

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Okay I might not have been be surprised since lately the of house Glee has been a household of scandals from kinky pics, to rocker feuds to off-screen love affairs to duels with conservative groups. Generally, good nature d Morris’s photos are not as sultry as the Kardashians or trashy as Miley Cyrus’s but they still remain ass.


Nonetheless I find heather having a really luscious effigy and if I were her I would flaunt it all over. I am just shocked of all her steaming body features she never captured her ass properly. I think she has the best ass in glee but I open for correction. Please, Heather, the next time you are lustful shooting a selfie of yourself take a better capture of your ass. Men will kill for it

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