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Nicki Minaj Sex Images

Oh, where do I even begin about this big booty girl Nicki Minaj luscious pictures? Her website is like something straight out of an animated adult comic. She has the perfect unblemished face of a Korean pop icon. Skin as smooth as a Chinese porcelain doll. To be honest i would prefer Rosario Dawson’s amazing  shaved pussy and leaked celebrity photos any day.

Nicki Minaj Tits 

Here is the ultimate Nicki Minaj collection compilation from leaks to backstage concerts. Homemade selfies all unedited and uncensored all time gallery of her in on place. The curves on a Latina, and the kind of booty you can only find in Africa these days. Some sex-starved illustrator somewhere must have drawn her and through some freak accident, brought her to life. Let us face it guys she is not Miss Universe with her sexy photos. However, she is more of a full-bodied woman like Cardi B and very curvy.

Now Nicki Minaj is not just sex on legs, she’s super talented too. In her 5-year music career, the Anaconda singer has been nominated multiple times for the Grammy Awards, the BET Awards, the MTV VMA awards, The BMA Awards and tons more. Nicki of course has talent but if you into big booty and tattoos then Blac Chyna is the girl for you. The pop star has also been crowned the Best Female Rapper several years in a row. Was also a judge for American Idols in 2012.

History of Nicki Minaj

With all these battle who has the best ass and twerking battle with Beyonce’s ass and Nicki Minaj battling about they butts shaking it. Back in April this year alleged pics of this luscious diva hit the internet. The pictures were leaked via a Twitter account that goes by the name @ScaffBeezy. There were also lustful photos of Nicki Minaj from Instagram and Billboard Magazine.
In equal measure, she’s beefed with all kinds of people in the music scene. Her latest tweet was with T. Swifty over the VMA awards. But I mean come on! When you look like that, you are allowed to stir up a little trouble every now and then.


The lucky bastard hitting this prime specimen right now is disgraced rapper Meek Mill. Given the huge diamond rock like the one luscious Amber Rose has, Nicki Minaj been flashing lately. Rumors say that they are engaged may actually kind of be true. The rapper is not only infamous for her explicit lyrics. But also her outrageous dressing, or in this case, lack thereof. Now I’ve got to warn you. Odds are you will be compelled to whip out that Anaconda after seeing this.

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